• Washing dyed silk

    After dyeing the silk it is necessary to rinse, wash and rinse again. These pieces will be the backdrop for our Tokyo collection.
  • Today in the studio

    Marbling shawls and 21” squares
  • Father’s Day orders

    We box the silk ties in tie boxes so they arrive ready for gifting and wearing…cause who wants to iron their tie?
  • Getting ready for Tarrytown NY show

    Double marbled and Italian veins
  • Marbling Tie Sheets

    Marbling the silk sheets that will be sewn into ties and bow ties.
  • Dyeing silk

    Silk dyeing before marbling…exquisite colors!
  • Marbling Shawls

    Marbling shawls in the studio today.
  • Marbling in the studio

    We have sold so much at our first two shows of the year that we’ve had to do a lot of dyeing and marbling here.  Today is shoring up the Charmeuse ...
  • The Red House Cultural Arts Center in Salem CT

    Just brought more silks for the beautiful art gallery in Salem CT that sells our silks, hosts our workshops and has a great collection of handmade ...